Garrosh Sale

The pinnacle of SoO raiding proved to be more the pineapple of raiding after the 6.0.2 patch. Nevertheless we managed to dodge iron stars, purple spots, random disconnects, slow loading, invulnerable raiders and other sha-nastiness to beat Garrosh into submission together with our Mythic buddies from <Cult of the Doomed>. Culminating in a shower of mythic loot before being mass-kicked from the server. Great job to everyone and bring on WoD!


The last go of the evening was glorious once again as the Paragons got bug-squatted by our trademarked DR flyswatter! Only Garrosh is separating us now from eternal panda-glory, so let’s check out how he bleeds on heroic.

Back to Extinction

Following Steven Spielberg’s hunting skills we thought we’d have another poke at that heroic dinosaur somewhere down in Orgrimmar. After understandably refusing to come out of his cage, we showed him all corners of the room before going home with a gigantic T-bone to feast upon!