Beginning of the year slaughter fest

Luckily we are better at killing bosses than at coming up with witty post titles. Just before our proper raid start we are at 6/7 HC. Tectus and Butcher thought we had forgotten about them, but noooo… we smashed them into bits and (epic) pieces before finishing the night with yet another Ko’ragh kill.

From now on we expect you all to sign up for the events (check events thingie to the right) and read this post.

End of the year slaughter fest

We stuffed them with Fireworks, lit the fuse and gazed in awe as their fungi, intestines and other delicacies got flung up in the air. In our tendency to always look for a challenge we started on Ko’ragh and got Brackenspore down shortly after, just so we could profit from awkwardly placed respawn points. With a fresh year approaching and the proper raid start lurking around the corner we are close to sweep the floor with all the highmaul bosses and earn ourselves some well-deserved spoils, like this over-due kill announcement….