General Wasgrim

After trying to take the Nazkrim peninsula, our vast forces put an end to the invasion and to the life of the degenerate general, allowing us to take the heroic elevator-of-dead-falling-priests to the inner bowels of Orgrimmar.

Dark Shamans Entombed

After adding some additional challenge by creating a complex maze of tombs we decided playtime was over and we burned them down to be rewarded with an awesome heroic cloak! Aren’t we the lucky bunch :)

Juggernaut Ctrl+Alt+Deleted

After an indepth study of toasters and hairdryers we figured out the masterplan to short-circuit Wall-E on the rocks. In true Benny-Benassi style we powertooled this overgrown papershredder into scrap-heaven, opening wide the gates to heroic Orgrimmar.