Malkorok Obliterated

After we killed spoils last week, he thought we had forgotten about him. Ha! The scurvy bastard had the honour to meet the edge of our blades and the heat of our spells. After realizing the difference between purple and white our vast force managed to stand in the right stuff and avoid what had to be avoided which inevitable lead to the bittersweet defeat of one of the ugliest things to ever grace Orgrimmar, which is quite a feat in itself!

Pat on our backs and onto Jurassic Park…


After years of crushing boxes, whacking mantids, obliterating mogu’s and smashing orbs. The spoils have finally succumbed to us! We unwrapped our presents and a proper feast ensued with drunk Scotchmen, nekkid Irishmen and delirious mainlanders. Bring on the next one for a few months :)

General Wasgrim

After trying to take the Nazkrim peninsula, our vast forces put an end to the invasion and to the life of the degenerate general, allowing us to take the heroic elevator-of-dead-falling-priests to the inner bowels of Orgrimmar.