Suckrethar Suckerpunched

Squeezing tons of ghosts, casters and dominators out of his coloured sphincters didn’t help him to survive the DR Onslaught! Socrethar The AboutTwoMonthsAlive is joining the ever-growing graveyard of dead pixels. Manny and Archy should be getting nervous by now…

Dead Lord Zakuun

Hailed as the trash mob amongst HFC bosses, Zakuun failed to pose any proper challenge so we were able to reap his shinies on the same night we started poking him. The pointy end is now facing Socrethar, so let’s hope he can join our lootgivers list sooner rather than later!

Gorefiend and Iskar melted!

It was only a matter time before we had all three locks in the same raid to get a proper attempt at the weird birdwoman. So once even the hunters got the hang of tossing the eye around, she was quickly sent to birdcageheaven. Crap loot and eternal glory were once again ours!

Oh yeah, we recently killed Gorefiend as well, but the kill never made it to the frontpage cause I’m slack. I’ll now let myself get whipp(cream)ed and tortured by 40 19-year old vixens as punishment.