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Horde PvE Guild on Bloodscalp EU

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Just shy of 100 attempts, it finally clicked and we were able to beat Siegecrafter into a goblin-filled tin can. 12 down and just 2 more to go before we can slap on the Heroic SoO badge.

Back to Extinction

Following Steven Spielberg’s hunting skills we thought we’d have another poke at that heroic dinosaur somewhere down in Orgrimmar. After understandably refusing to come out of his cage, we showed him all corners of the room before going home with a gigantic T-bone to feast upon!

Malkorok Obliterated

After we killed spoils last week, he thought we had forgotten about him. Ha! The scurvy bastard had the honour to meet the edge of our blades and the heat of our spells. After realizing the difference between purple and white our vast force managed to stand in the right stuff and avoid what had to be avoided which inevitable lead to the bittersweet defeat of one of the ugliest things to ever grace Orgrimmar, which is quite a feat in itself!

Pat on our backs and onto Jurassic Park…


We currently have room for a additional skilled healers and dps in our raiding roster.
Apply in the forum, we know you want to!
  • Druid High - Resto / Balance / Feral DPS
  • Paladin High - Holy / Retribution
  • Shaman High - Resto / Elemental / Enhancement
  • Mage Medium
  • Monk Medium - Mistweaver / Windwalker
  • Priest Medium - Shadow
  • Warrior Medium - Fury

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Siege of Orgrimmar HEROIC


Siege of Orgrimmar