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The Draenor invasion has begun!

A new WOW-chapter has opened and we are ready to steamroll the new challenges being thrown at our godlike bodies. Check the forums for our WoD raiding plans and to confirm your intended role next tier.

In the mean time DKP has been reset for the new tier. As usual we reward high attendancy with a small starting amount based on your attendance % over the entire last tier. Post 6.0 raids have not been included as no DKP was involved in those runs.

Garrosh Sale

The pinnacle of SoO raiding proved to be more the pineapple of raiding after the 6.0.2 patch. Nevertheless we managed to dodge iron stars, purple spots, random disconnects, slow loading, invulnerable raiders and other sha-nastiness to beat Garrosh into submission together with our Mythic buddies from <Cult of the Doomed>. Culminating in a shower of mythic loot before being mass-kicked from the server. Great job to everyone and bring on WoD!


The last go of the evening was glorious once again as the Paragons got bug-squatted by our trademarked DR flyswatter! Only Garrosh is separating us now from eternal panda-glory, so let’s check out how he bleeds on heroic.


We currently have room for a additional skilled healers and dps in our raiding roster.
Apply in the forum, we know you want to!
  • Druid High - Resto / Balance / Feral DPS
  • Paladin High - Holy / Retribution
  • Shaman High - Resto / Elemental / Enhancement
  • Mage Medium
  • Monk Medium - Mistweaver / Windwalker
  • Priest Medium - Shadow
  • Warrior Medium - Fury

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Siege of Orgrimmar HEROIC


Blackrock Foundry MYTHIC


Highmaul MYTHIC


Blackrock Foundry HEROIC


Highmaul HEROIC