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Mythic Draenor starts to crumble

In need of some fresh air, we left the Foundry for a bit and went back to visit Kargath again wearing his Mythic pyamas. We few-shotted him and his kitties for a well-earned first Mythic kill this expansion! Eternal glory and ilevel 685 loot shall be ours!

Zoo closed for business

The Blackrock Foundry Zoo has closed business as the Ringmaster was fed to his dogs by our powerful arsenal of death and decay! We celebrated the rest of the night by playing with the trains, throwing a huge BBQ and getting totally smashed at the Blood Elf strip joint.

Hanz and Franz pumping up daisies

We smashed the two basement brothers all the way back to Austria where they were turned into Kaischerschmarren in the local schnitzel factory. Hasta la vista baby, we’ll be back for Mythic and <insert Schwarzenegger quotes here>!


We currently have room for additional skilled dps players in our raiding roster.
Apply in the forum, we know you want to!
  • Druid High - Balance / Feral DPS
  • Hunter High
  • Mage High
  • Priest High - Shadow
  • Shaman High - Elemental / Enhancement
  • Warlock High
  • Death Knight Low - DPS
  • Monk Low - DPS
  • Paladin Low - Retribution
  • Warrior Low - DPS

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